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By: Heather Honig


  • bagels
  • tomato sauce
  • mozzarella cheese


  • baking sheet

Being the lazy person that I am, I find that one of the easiest things to make is a pizza bagel.  I’m sure you’ve all made these before, or at least bought the frozen ones at the store.  In case you don’t know, you take half of a bagel, spread tomato sauce across the top, and sprinkle with cheese.  After 15 minutes in the oven (400 degrees F), the cheese will start to brown and you’ve got yourself a pizza bagel.

Now, this is pretty basic.  Pizza bagels are great because you can get creative with it.  Of course you can add toppings, as with any pizza.  You can also change the kind of bagel you use.  Cheese or onion bagels would taste great.  Another trick is using tomato paste instead of tomato sauce.  Sometimes the sauce can make the bagel a bit soggy, but since the paste is thicker it helps prevent that, but still has the same taste.